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The contest is organized over two days. All riders will do one run on Saturday and one run on Sunday. The winner is the rider that earns the biggest number of points during the two days.

Detailed information will be sent per e-mail to all riders when the registration is completed. It is mandatory for all riders to take part to the race briefing on Friday evening.

To guarantee good race conditions to all riders, it is strictly forbidden to ride the event venue (Couloirs des Ombrintzes) 2 weeks before the competition. Riders that do not respect this rule can be disqualified with no refund.

//  The starts


On Saturday the skiers (men and women) begin at Start 1 and the snowboarders (m/w) from Start 2.

On Sunday the skiers (m/w) begin on Start 2 and the snowboarders (m/w) from Start 1.

// Registration (closed)


Registrations will open 6 weeks before the event and are usually fully booked in under a week

It all happens through this website : Freeride World Qualifier.

// Accomodation


Our accomodation partner for the FTF is the Guesthouse et Hôtel du Cervin in St-Luc. Riders can stay at the reduced rate of 45CHF a night (including breakfast) during the competition.

Booking by email : info@hotellecervin.ch